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Creating Landing Pages that Convert – For Google & Display Ads

Creating landing pages that convert for Google and Programmatic display, video and text ads is a vital part of a winning customer journey.

Marketing Budget Allocation 2021 – Breakdown, Digital Spend, and Template

Explore marketing budget allocation trends for 2021, marketing budget percentage of revenue, and digital marketing budget. Download template.

Why Display Ad Performance Can’t be Measured in Clicks

Explore how display ad performance is not limited to CTR, and how analytics for display advertising can be used to measure returns.

Design Your Display Ads to Influence Audience

Create ads in the right formats and with the right designs and ad copy to influence users to take actions that help achieve your business objectives.

Using AdRoll (Self-service) Vs. Full-service DSPs

Compare features of Adroll (self-service) and Full-services DSP advertising—set up, targeting, cost, management and analysis of programmatic campaigns.

Using DSP Technology vs. Google Display Ads

Compare features DSP Targeted Display and Google Display techniques, so that advertisers can decide which of the two platforms to use to attract users.

Top B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Create B2B lead generation strategies that cover both offline and digital marketing channels and software to make your business resilient.

Programmatic Ads – Meaning, Tactics and Benefits

Programmatic Ads mean automatically purchases online Ads shown on websites, apps, etc. Explore its benefits, tactics and future for B2B and B2C businesses.

Paid Search Google Ads – What to Ask Your Digital Marketing Managers?

Ask your digital manager the right questions about your Google Ads strategy, execution, and audit. Share the right info. to align campaigns with your goals.

B2B Businesses Turn to Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Outbreak

B2B business are turning to digital marketing as tradeshows and exhibitions continue to get cancelled and the world is affected by the impact of COVID-19.