Digital Marketing for Associations

Enhance your marketing and membership strategy with zero cost

Grow your Association Membership
and Non-Dues Revenue


At Grenis Media, we know that you work hard to lead your industry to success, engage and attract members, and promote knowledge.

We are passionate about working with associations as they help us better understand many of our advertisers, their needs, and their overall industry.

Being able to join an association is a privilege. Being able to help an association grow is an honor.

Whether you need help with marketing for associations for attracting new business or becoming more engaged in some of the new digital communication methods, our team can help you build a successful communication strategy.

Non-dues revenue generation for associations

Association membership communication strategy

Digital marketing strategy for associations:
Programmatic advertising, Paid search advertising, Trade associations SEO, Social media marketing

Digital Marketing for Associations


As a digital-first media company, we are always on the ball with developing new digital opportunities for our clients to advertise strategically. With a database of over 20,000 b2b suppliers, we know which companies would like to get in touch with your membership and frequently get requests to setup strategic alliances.

In 2016, we introduced a new non-intrusive, non-dues revenue program for association partners, that can also help our clients better reach key decision-makers online.

This program helps in marketing for associations by promoting relevant advertising and membership opportunities to potential clients.