Social Media Marketing

Tap into the the most used networks to boost exposure.

Captivate your audience

It’s no secret that social media advertising has become important to include in any marketing strategy. In fact, 93% of b2b marketers report using social media as part of their strategy. Social channels reach billions of users on a daily basis, making it a valuable asset to include in your budgets. Today’s social media channels reduce the amount of branded posts in a user’s newsfeed, making it ideal to combine paid ads with organic posts to reach new audiences.

Hyper Target Your Ads

Social platforms offer some of the greatest targeting capabilities available. Whether you’re trying to reach mid-level managers in the software industry or b2c customers, almost everyone is using two or more social channels. For best results, we encourage advertisers to think about their buyer personas and firmographics to guide the strategy.

Platform of choice

Each social platform is unique, caters to a different type of user and has different targeting capabilities. The platforms our digital marketing agency recommend depend on the type of customers, the product/service and how the advertisers like to position their brand.

Each platform, relative to traditional marketing, is low cost, has advanced targeting options and a large user base. It is a great option to consider for turning your audience into profitable customers.