Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

marketing in the time of COVID-19

Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

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As COVID-19 branches out across the world and consumers adopt a new lifestyle and develop different needs, businesses need to thoughtfully navigate through the new reality of the world.

Like Twitter said in their recent article ‘Brand communications in time of crisis’, ‘Let’s be clear. This is not a ‘marketing opportunity’ to capitalise on, and we do not recommend brands opportunistically linking themselves to a health scare.’ However, businesses can thoughtfully communicate and cater to their clients, employees and the broader ecosystem.

In the current scenario, while some companies are limiting their marketing spend, others are reaching their potential customers through the right digital marketing tools with topical marketing messages and services, catering to the changing needs of the users.

As more and more people and professionals around the world are practicing social distancing or working from home, they are spending more time on online content websites, social media, and video platforms.

Marketers have their targeted customers tuned into their chosen media channels and have the right opportunity to communicate effectively in this time of crisis.

A. Brand Communication Guidelines

Brand Communication Guidelines

In line with Twitter’s brand communication guidelines, here’s how companies need to design their brand messages:

A.1. Know your brand

Create marketing messages in alignment with your vision and brand’s utility. Every company can contribute to the current needs of individuals and businesses in different ways. Identify your brand’s strength and cater the users with the right marketing activities and messages.

A.2. Stay updated

As the global circumstances are changing by the hour, it’s good to be be updated before creating marketing messages or communicating with your clients and employees. What was relevant yesterday, may not be relevant today, so stay on top of current happenings to stay relevant and sensitive.

A.3. Be thoughtful about tone or voice

Brands need to adjust their tone as per the changing context. Tone of empathy, understanding and certain types of light-hearted humour may go a long way. Pay attention to what your customers are saying, and use that information to write marketing messages that speak to your clients.

A.4. Anticipate changing customer needs

Brands need to identify the changing needs of their customers. Businesses can offer customer and support services to ensure that their customers are conveniently able to get through this rough time. For example, some airlines offer flexible tickets and zero cancellation fee to accommodate the need of the hour.

B. Anticipated Consumer trends

Anticipated Consumer trends

B.1. E-commerce

Expect rise in e-commerce, as consumers practice social distancing and try to contribute to flattening the curve of the spread of the virus.

B.2. Live-streaming/webinars

With many events and conferences being cancelled, people are moving to live-streaming events or attending webinars.

B.3. Increased online content consumption

As more and more people are staying at home and working from home, there is a rise in the consumption of online content.

C. Media Tactics

Advertising trends for future

Here are a few ways media tactics that can be used:

C.1. Targeted Ads

Targeted ads help you show display and video ads to users reading content about specific topics or themes. Contextual or search term-based targeting help you reach the right audience.

As more and more customers are working from home, they are searching for content online. Paid search Ads enables marketers to target the right keywords to bring users to their landing pages.

Each business has a unique message and offering that can help or assist their customers, employees and the broad environment in this time of social distancing and health emergency.

Formulate relevant and thoughtful messages after anticipating customer needs and use the right media tactics to reach your audiences.