Winery Gets a Taste of Success


Company Type:



Increase Tour Sales and Visits

Tactics Used:

Keyword Search Targeting, Category Contextual Targeting, Site Retargeting, Geo-Fencing

Challenge Outline:

A winery was looking to increase visits, tour sales and awareness among its target audience of wine enthusiasts. They enlisted the help of Grenis to utilize new geo-fencing technology and several other programmatic advertising tactics to more effectively reach their audience and drive up their CTR.


Grenis and the advertiser developed a comprehensive strategy of keyword search retargeting, site retargeting, category contextual targeting, mobile geo-optimization and geo-fencing. The team established keywords that were most likely to reach users likely to visit the winery and drew geo-fences around stores and wine festivals to target individuals who visited those locations. After campaign launch, and our multivariate algorithms worked to further optimize the campaign mid-flight by adding more relevant keywords and adjusting the frequency cap to serve more frequent impressions throughout the day.


Over the first four months Grenis was able to deliver a strong CTR of .11% and track over 150 visits to the Winery location.

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