Pharmaceutical Company Targets Doctors at Low CPA

Hospital and Healthcare

Company Type:

Hospital and Healthcare


$100 CPA

Tactics Used:

Targeted Advertising: Geo-Fencing, Keyword Search Targeting

Challenge Outline:

A pharmaceutical company was looking to promote a drug for treating a common eye condition. They enlisted the help of Grenis to more precisely target their primary audience of optometrists and ophthalmologists, with the goal of achieving a $100 CPA.


The Grenis team and the advertiser developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level and geo-fencing, with custom-shaped target zones drawn around doctors’ offices. With quick learning from the campaign launch, Grenis and our multivariate algorithms made mid-flight optimizations to improve performance, including fine-tuning keywords and shifting budgets to the highest performing keywords and tactics. Without mobile ad sizes, users who entered a geo-fence were delivered ads to their desktops using cross-device matching.


With approximately two months remaining in the four-month campaign, Grenis has been able to deliver a CPA of $36, vastly exceeding the client’s initial goal of a $100 CPA. The campaign has also achieved a CPV of $12.68, exceeding the initial goal of a $100 CPV. Further, the cross-device matched geo-fencing desktop ads have achieved a .18% CTR, doubling the industry average of .08-.1% CTR.

What Our
Clients Are Saying

Myles Leiker
Myles LeikerIndustry Marketing Manager | JCB Inc.
The Grenis Media team was incredibly responsive to our needs and always acted quickly when responding to our various asks. I always felt like we were well taken care of, and that I understood how Grenis was executing our campaigns.
Arethea Harris
Arethea HarrisNational Marketing Manager | Velux Canada Inc.
They have provided valuable insights, their ability to understand and use the data to effectively target and influence our B2B and B2C audiences has been a tremendous success in growing our business.  We have seen great increases in site traffic, above average CTRs better exposure post events.
Tarra Del Chiaro
Tarra Del ChiaroDirector of Marketing | Accurate Lock and Hardware Co.
My experience working with the Grenis Media team has been nothing but positive. They have always proved to be a great agency partner by making suggestions to existing campaigns and recommending new strategies to keep activations fresh and effective.