Financial Services Bloom with a Local Presence

Financial Services

Company Type:

Financial Services


Increase Store Traffic

Tactics Used:

Targeted Programmatic Advertising: Keyword Search Targeting, Category Contextual Targeting

Challenge Outline:

A financial services firm was looking to run a national advertising campaign with highly localized audiences promoting more than 14,000 advisors around the United States. They enlisted the help of Grenis to run an online marketing campaign with fixed feed Dynamic Creative to promote the local in-market financial advisor to the applicable target audience based on location. The initial campaign goals were to achieve a CTR of .1% and a CPC of $3.


Grenis developed a comprehensive strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting and mobile geo-optimization to target individuals who had shown interest in financial services. Using fixed feed Dynamic Creative, the ad content was dynamically adjusted based on the user’s location to display information for the in-market advisor. After campaign launch, the Grenis team and our multivariate algorithms made continuous optimizations to improve performance. Specifically, the team removed poorly performing keywords and category contextual elements, added more successful keywords and categories, blacklisted domains, and adjusted the frequency cap and pacing.


Using Grenis’s Geo-Conversion Lift metric, a 246% surge in incremental store visits was attributable to the campaign.

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