Auto Auction Drives Offline Conversions


Company Type:



Drive Traffic with Personalized Ads

Tactics Used:

Keyword Search Targeting, Keyword Contextual Targeting, Category Contextual Targeting, Site Retargeting

Challenge Outline:

An auto auction was looking to increase clicks to their website and also drive visitors to the physical auction site. They chose Grenis as their digital marketing agency to utilize new geo-fencing with conversion zones technology and several other programmatic advertising tactics to track online-to-offline conversions and increase CTR.


Grenis and the advertiser developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones, keyword search retargeting, category contextual targeting and mobile geo-optimization. The client identified the location of the auto action, and Grenis built a geo-fence conversion zone to track the number of individuals who were delivered an advertisement and then visited the location. After campaign launch, Grenis and our multivariate algorithms worked to further improve the campaign mid-flight by optimizing keywords, implementing a frequency cap, adjusting recency and blacklisting domains.


Grenis was able to deliver a .16% CTR, exceeding the industry average CTR of .08-.1%. Further the campaign achieved 182 geo-fence conversions, meaning individuals who were delivered an advertisement and then physically visited the auction location.

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