Audiologist Converts new Hearing Aid Patients with Grenis

Hospital and Healthcare

Company Type:

Hospital and Healthcare


Tactics Used:

Geo-Fencing, Keyword Search Targeting, Category Contextual

Challenge Outline:

An audiologist was looking to promote hearing aids and hearing assessments with a localized programmatic advertising campaign. They enlisted the help of Grenis to utilize new geo-fencing with conversion zones technology and several other tactics to reach their target audience, track offline conversions, and achieve a CTR of .1%.


The advertiser identified several area competitors, and the Grenis team built geo-fences around each clinic to target visitors to these locations. Grenis then set-up conversion zones around the advertiser’s clinics to measure offline conversions. The campaign also featured search retargeting at the keyword level and category contextual targeting to maximize reach and performance. After launch, Grenis and our multivariate algorithms made enhancements to improve performance including optimizing keywords, implementing frequency caps, and blacklisting domains.


Over five months, Grenis has delivered a CTR of .13%, exceeding the client’s initial goal of .1%. Further, the campaign has resulted in 282 geo-fence conversions, which is the number of individuals who entered a geo-fence, were therefore delivered an ad, and then visited the advertiser’s location.

What Our
Clients Are Saying

Myles Leiker
Myles LeikerIndustry Marketing Manager | JCB Inc.
The Grenis Media team was incredibly responsive to our needs and always acted quickly when responding to our various asks. I always felt like we were well taken care of, and that I understood how Grenis was executing our campaigns.
Arethea Harris
Arethea HarrisNational Marketing Manager | Velux Canada Inc.
They have provided valuable insights, their ability to understand and use the data to effectively target and influence our B2B and B2C audiences has been a tremendous success in growing our business.  We have seen great increases in site traffic, above average CTRs better exposure post events.
Tarra Del Chiaro
Tarra Del ChiaroDirector of Marketing | Accurate Lock and Hardware Co.
My experience working with the Grenis Media team has been nothing but positive. They have always proved to be a great agency partner by making suggestions to existing campaigns and recommending new strategies to keep activations fresh and effective.