Architectural Hardware Manufacturer

Building and Design

Case Study Details

Company Type:



Awareness of New Products

Tactics Used:

Addressable Geo-fencing, CRM/Email Targeting, Site Retargeting

Challenge Outline:

An American manufacturer supplying hardware to custom home builders and architects was diversifying their product line and needed a quick way to deliver awareness of the change to their target market.

The Must Have’s

  • Increase brand recall
  • Create multiple audience segments to target product specific
  • Target office locations of prospective architects


A Media Plan Crafted with Quality

  • Setup various conversion metrics to measure success
  • Crafted eye-catching HTML5 artwork to promote each product
  • Achieved a 79% match rate of CRM data for targeting
  • Using Addressable Geo-Fencing we targeted 15,000 architect prospects directly
  • Segmented the website to capture traffic and send a secondary message to site visitors

The Results:

  • 55% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • View Through Conversion Rate: 0.43%

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